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United We Stand

2020 has been an extremely painful year for our country and the world. We have faced immense adversity with our public health and civil liberties under attack. We have been at war for the very values we are supposed to celebrate on the 4th of July.

United we stand in solidarity with the black community. We acknowledge the injustices brought to light by George Floyd and continue to do our best promoting gender and racial equality in our own company culture and personal lives. We are not perfect and constantly seek to improve by listening, learning and taking necessary action as we scale our start up and grow as people. 

United we stand to provide a safe working environment for our employees and vendors to continue providing our best effort to our beloved customers amidst COVID-19.

United we stand to make an impact as your favorite payroll shopping experience.

Solenve was founded on a desire to enhance employee benefits with luxury brands that most represent your unique style.

We encourage our customers now and always to reach out to us with any comments and/or suggestions of how we can continue to improve the quality of our service and leave a more positive impact. 

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