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Nicole Miller Ny Mod Coolcrush Ladies Body Spray 8 Oz

Nicole Miller Ny Mod Coolcrush Ladies Body Spray 8 Oz

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A sultry, fragrant and intoxicatingly delicious scent, Nicole Miller New York COOL CRUSH will leave you feeling sexy, confident and fresh all-day long. With just one spray, this fragrance will transform you into an uninhibited vixen, ready to conquer anything that comes your way. With a mixture of plums, musks, florals and berries, COOL CRUSH is a perfect scent for you. No other brands, big names or perfumes can compare to this delectable and attractive body mist. COOL CRUSH has become a best-selling women’s body mist, gaining rave reviews online from women worldwide who have been taken by this sexy scent. A genius blend of musk, florals, plums and berries, COOL CRUSH is a unique scent with an authentic and rich smell that will drive any man near you wild. Packaged in a dainty container, this genius fragrance is perfect for dancing the night away to your favorite songs, sexy dinner dates or romantic evenings at home spent by candlelight. Wherever you wear this scent you’ll be sure to turn heads. Are you the finder of your friend group? The trendsetting woman who turns heads wherever she goes? Then COOL CRUSH is perfect for you! It’ll have you feeling cool, confident and ultra-sexy with just one spray! Haven’t tried this body mist yet? Try a sample today and see how fast you fall in love with this unique scent. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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