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Nicole Miller Ny Mod Freshrain Ladies Body Spray 8 Oz

Nicole Miller Ny Mod Freshrain Ladies Body Spray 8 Oz

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This charming scent is a must have for your collection, with sultry notes of musk, woods, amber and floral notes of jasmine and rose, Nicole MIller New York FRESH RAIN will make you feel sexy, playful and beautiful with just one spray. FRESH RAIN was made for the feminine, sultry and hypnotic woman. Spray some of this fragrance on you before a night of dancing, a day date, or weekend brunch with the girls. Wherever you wear this unique and authentic scent, you’ll be sure to glow. FRESH RAIN has become a best-selling women’s fragrance, garnering rave reviews online from women worldwide. So it’s no surprise why other brands and big names have tried creating perfumes that smell like FRESH RAIN, but this scent can never be mimicked. With a fragrant smell and notes of apple, blue-bell, bamboo, jasmine and rose, FRESH RAIN will make your senses come alive. Are you the finder of your group? The woman who’s always dressed in the best fabrics and luxurious scents? Haven’t tried FRESH RAIN yet? Try a sample today, you’ll love this floral and sultry concoction and no one will be able to keep their eyes off of you.

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